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Current Books

Revelation in the Cave

Join Katharine and the MAMs, her friends from the Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club. When their interest in ancient cave paintings leads them on an unexpected adventure, the women make a leap of faith, leaving their day-to-day lives behind, and travel to modern Turkey for an archaeological dig. They discover first century scrolls written by first century spiritual heroines. As the group dodges bullets, a religious fanatic and obstructive government officials, the scrolls are translated. One by one they lead each of the women to illumination in their personal lives while revealing an engaging story that calls out the teachings of Jesus and the book of Revelation.

Revelation at the Labyrinth

Join the Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club (the MAMs) on an adventure as they launch a re-entry organic farm for women in recovery. The ancient pilgrim path of the labyrinth leads them all through personal healing and redemption, while finding hope for the planet as they encounter the turmoil of domestic violence, addiction, cancer, and climate change. Thomaseena, a victim of domestic violence, is erroneously sentenced to prison for killing her husband in self-defense. When she is released from prison, Thomaseena moves into the MAMs’ re-entry organic farm and begins to reconnect with the earth, seeking healing, recovery and a new life path. Meanwhile, MAM Molly Mabra journeys with breast cancer. This lively story of love and transformation will keep you reading and thinking about possible ways to creatively build a future together.

Letters from the Earth

In May 2015, the Earth wrote me a letter and told me to start a blog! Since then, I received more letters from the Earth which are encouraging, uplifting, and challenging. During our growing ecological crisis, this book provides a fresh voice of Gaia/God, who calls us to slow down and take time to appreciate the miraculous nature of all, and to awaken to needed changes to avoid environmental destruction.

A how-to manual for Christians seeking to dwell close to the mystery of God, teaching meditation, labyrinth walking, mindful eating and other contemplative practices that illuminate the moment and awaken the pilgrim into taking action in challenging times.

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Meet Emma

July 23, 2018

Bloom, Book Signing • San Francisco, CA

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August 10, 2018

Draft, Book Reading • Los Angeles, CA

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