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Mariah of the Wind

By Nancy Flinchbaugh

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Author Nancy Flinchbaugh
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Nancy Flinchbaugh

Nancy Flinchbaugh is a Christian contemplative who writes as a spiritual practice. Her books include the first two novels in the MAMs series Revelation in the Cave (2012) and Revelation at the Labyrinth (eLectio Publishing, 2017), in addition to a memoir, Letters from the Earth (Higher Ground Books and Media, 2018), and Awakening: A Contemplative Primer on Learning to Sit (Higher Ground Books and Media, 2020). Her latest novel in the MAMs series, “Revelation in the Roots: Emerald Isle,” will be published soon.

Nancy Flinchbaugh

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Revelation In The Root: Emerald Isle

The Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club (the MAMs) return in this adventure of discovery to explore their Irish roots. The ancient spirits of a leprechaun, St. Brigid, and an African-American matriarch, Grand Mama, conspire to awaken the travelers to possibilities. Watch a grieving, reluctant Abigail consider opening her heart to their jolly tour guide. Welby, a Black ex-convict, and Reagan, a white nurse in recovery, find an attraction yet come from opposite ends of the political divide. While the entourage explores the Emerald Isle, pauses for listening circles, retreats at the well of St. Brigid, and gathers at a peace center in Northern Ireland, the story unfolds with much surprise and revelation as the characters find new hope for their own lives and America. Buy "Revelation in the Roots" Now  


A Memoir: Letters From The Earth

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To put this letter in context, I felt very close to the Earth last year when we visited Seattle in the spring. Shortly after arriving, we drove north to the San Juan Islands, where we spent two nights on a small resort. The breathtaking beauty of these waterways and great forests affected my entire being.

Just a few days later, while we entertained our son and his girlfriend, who came to Ohio from Seattle for my birthday, we discussed taking a day trip. We considered various possibilities. After some deliberation, they chose the southeastern Ohio mecca of Hocking Hills, where wooded trails and limestone cliffs lure many for hiking adventures, camping, and journeys to enjoy the natural beauty throughout the year.

At the end of July, I visited Lakeside, a Chautauqua on Lake Erie, a wonderful place I’ve loved since I was a little girl. The Chautauqua movement became popular in the late 1800s. The historians tell us that people arrived by boat and camped, later building Victorian cottages to provide a place of rest and restoration in the midst of summer. They were religious gatherings but also included recreation and entertainment. Nowadays, we describe the Chautauqua as a place to nurture “mind, body, and soul.”


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