Mariah of the Wind


In this modern love story, Mariah, a young woman enamored with the Earth meets Max, a widowed wind scientist. As the seasons unfold, Max deals with grief as Mariah continues to grapple with losses of her own. When Howard, representing a public relations firm for the fossil fuel industry, harasses Max and his fellow climate scientist, Buck, Max leaves town. COVID strikes shortly after Max returns. Mariah and Max grapple with new love during the pandemic. Then Howard returns, bringing COVID along. An unexpected pregnancy, an inheritance and a near death climate experience lead the characters into a space of hope for the future.

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Revelation In The Root: Emerald Isle


The Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club (the MAMs) return in this adventure of discovery to explore their Irish roots. The ancient spirits of a leprechaun, St. Brigid, and an African-American matriarch, Grand Mama, conspire to awaken the travelers to possibilities. Watch a grieving, reluctant Abigail consider opening her heart to their jolly tour guide. Welby, a Black ex-convict, and Reagan, a white nurse in recovery, find an attraction yet come from opposite ends of the political divide. While the entourage explores the Emerald Isle, pauses for listening circles, retreats at the well of St. Brigid, and gathers at a peace center in Northern Ireland, the story unfolds with much surprise and revelation as the characters find new hope for their own lives and America.

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Revelation at the Labyrinth


Join the Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club (the MAMs) on an adventure as they launch a re-entry organic farm for women in recovery. The ancient pilgrim path of the labyrinth leads them all through personal healing and redemption, while finding hope for the planet as they encounter the turmoil of domestic violence, addiction, cancer, and climate change. Thomaseena, a victim of domestic violence, is erroneously sentenced to prison for killing her husband in self-defense. When she is released from prison, Thomaseena moves into the MAMs’ re-entry organic farm and begins to reconnect with the earth, seeking healing, recovery and a new life path. Meanwhile, MAM Molly Mabra journeys with breast cancer. This lively story of love and transformation will keep you reading and thinking about possible ways to creatively build a future together.