Have you ever been inspired by the spirit of an ancestor? Or have you ever received a visit from an angel or person who is not of this world?

In my new book, Revelation in the Roots: Emerald Isle, The Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club (the MAMs) return in an adventure of discovery to explore their Irish roots, taking along members of their group homes. Grieving MAM and widow Abigail coordinate the trip, while Welby, a Black ex-convict and Reagan, a white nurse in recovery, fight attraction across their racial and political divide.

A trio of spirits conspires to lead them into hope for their lives and the future. It’s a little wacky, a little bit of magic and lots of fun. Afraid they’re seeing ghosts or going crazy, Abigail, Reagan and Welby aren’t quite sure how to respond. The Spirit sightings add to the adventure as the group tours the Emerald Isle, with its own share of magic and ancient spiritual traditions. 

The first spirit to appear is a Leprechaun, Síocháin. In Irish folklore, leprechauns hide in the woods and enjoy playing tricks and creating mayhem. The Irish who migrated to the United States brought stories of the little guys along. In fact, Walt Disney popularized the leprechauns by writing them into a movie script, Darby O’Gill and the Little People, produced in 1959. In my novel, Síocháin appears first to Abigail who soon learns she has Irish DNA. The leprechaun recommends a spirit of listening on their exploration of Ireland. Next, Síocháin startles Welby on a silent retreat in the heart of Ireland, calling him to greatness. Later, the group tour a Leprechaun Museum in Dublin.

The second spirit to appear is Grand MaMa. Grand MaMa is the deceased great-grandmother of Welby who comes to Ohio to enter the MAMs Book Club’s Sun Power House for men in recovery. Grand MaMa startles Welby as he’s getting situated in Ohio and shows up again in Ireland. Grand MaMa also shows up on the labyrinth during the silent retreat, startling Nancy Reagan Smith (Reagan), a white woman who is a member of the FARM (Farming and Restoring with the MAMs), an organic farm and halfway house for women in recovery.

The final spirit is St. Brigid, an Irish nun from the 6th century who promoted and practiced hospitality, contemplative prayer, peace, social justice and concern for the Earth. St. Brigid appears to Reagan in a dream and also to Abigail at the silent retreat held at Irish Solas Bridhe Retreat Center and Hermitage, which is coordinated by modern nuns of the St. Brigid order.

The spirits add some mischief and fun to the story and call out the best in the characters during this novel of adventure and exploration.

Read Revelation in the Roots: Emerald Isle to meet the leprechaun, Grand MaMa, St. Brigid, as well as the people they seek to influence: Abigail, Welby and Reagan. 

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