Writing for Change Blog – 1

Today, I’m launching my Writing for Change Blog and Podcast.

My aim is to create a public place for those of us writing for change to share our hearts and our work.

People write for many different reasons. Some to entertain, some to educate, some to express themselves, others to create art, and some of us write primarily to bring change.

As I consider my own writing career, from the beginning I’ve been writing for change. Specifically, I write to express the love of God and plant seeds for transformation leading to peace, justice and care/connections with the Earth.

I’m also writing to encourage fellow activists with spiritual practices to help in these quests.

Today, I invite fellow writers for change to come share your story. Write a blog post, let me interview you about your work and/or speak your own truth as you write for change.

I invite you to follow this blog and podcast. Here, let us learn together from writers leading us into change. 

The 21st century poses many challenges for us all. Looming concerns are climate change, racial discrimination, hate, political division and war. Let us listen for answers.

I believe that together we can find answers given our incredible intelligence and creativity.

Let us begin.